Zebra Sharks

Zebra sharks are a common sight among divers in the south of  Thailand, though many famously and mistakenly know them as Leopard Sharks. Zebra sharks are a type of carpet shark, partial to lazing in sandy patches along the reef. They can grow up to 2.5 meters (8-9 feet) but despite their ominous size they are harmless to humans. Their nocturnal nature makes them easy for divers to observe as they are rarely active during daylight hours and are generally... Read More

The half moon bonanza continues

Conditions have improved considerably following the half moon, right now we are sitting on an average visibility of 15 metres.  The absence of any wind allowed us to do one of are favourite diving routines, 1st dive in Ko Talu and 2nd one in Stonehenge. Ko Talu was a treat from the start, current was pushing mildly from north to south bringing to the reef a huge school of bigeye fusiliers, at 12 m depth we spotted  a Tigertail sea horse feeding... Read More

Message in a bottle

As I am the person responsible for keeping our blogs updated and as I am more than 14000 km away, I have asked one of our dive instructors, Aitor, how the dives have been and if he could send me some info about their daily trips so I could post on our website. Here is his answer: “We saw a leopard shark sitting on the sand from the dive boat on our way to Stonehenge. We decided to go down and we spent 20 minutes taking pictures of the beautiful... Read More