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Castaway Freediving instructor Loic blowing bubbles

Recreational Freediving

What is Freediving? To Freedive is to spend time in the underwater world while holding your breath. It gives you the freedom dive down and really experience the underwater world as a 3D environment.  It is a similar  feeling like flying , just as an eagle soars up in the sky,  if the eagle sees something […]


AIDA Freediving Courses

All courses include freediving masks and long fins, and wetsuit.  All aspects of the course will be covered By an AIDA qualified Instructor, this means you have a lot of one on one time to gain as much of knowledge and experience as possible, which will in turn make you an safer and better freediver.  […]



Pictures of turtles taken around Koh Lipe



A collection of freediving photos taken around Koh Lipe, with Loic and the Castaway Divers team

Scorpion Fish


A photo collection of Pelagics around Koh Lipe


Macro Life

A collection of photos from Jabang