Speciality Diver Courses

Once you have mastered the basics of diving it’s time to expand your skills with speciality courses. By picking the courses that interest you, you can develop your diving skills in the way best suited to you. At Castaway Divers some of  the most popular speciality courses we offer are:

  • Enriched Air Nitrox – Learn to dive with enriched air and dive for longer. Course length – 1 dive (Currently not available)
  • Digital Underwater Photography – Learn the art of underwater photography. Course length – 2 dives
  • Peak Performance Buoyancy – Fine tune those buoyancy skills and make diving easy. Course length – 2 dives
  • Deep Diver – Learn to dive deeper safely and become certified to dive to 40m. Course length – 4 dives
  • Night Diver – Discover a different side to the ocean dives you are used to – 3 dives
  • Navigation Diver – Master several techniques used for navigating underwater. Course length – 2 dives
  • Wreck Diver – Learn the ins and out’s of wreck diving – 4 dives
  • Naturalist Diver – Learn to identify species of fishes, corals and other sea critters and what it takes to preserve them – 2 dives

Non-Diving Specialities:

  • Emergency O2 Provider – Learn when and how to administer emergency in a first aid situation – 1 day
  • Aware Reef Conservation – Learn how coral reefs function, why they are so important and why many reefs are in serious trouble – 1 day