Immersion diuresis

While swimming along beautiful coral reef and watching the magnificent marine life you are asking yourself, how can I feel like peeing again when I had just made a toilet stop right before I got in the water? The answer is very simple:  Immersion diuresis.

Immersion, topped up by water temperature that is coller than air, causes narrowing of the blood vessels in the extremities, resulting on an increased volume of blood moving towards your heart, lungs and large internal blood vessels. By assuming an overload of blood volume, your  body will stop producing the anti diuretic hormone (urine production controlling hormone) causing your kidney to produce urine to lower the centrally circulating blood volume, in order words, it’s an automatic response from our body to preserve blood volume.

There is not much really that can be done about it. You may choose not to drink much coffee in which also interferes with the anti diuretic hormone.

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