The seahorse is an interesting creature; while he looks very unlike our traditional image of one, he is indeed a fish. A fish that eats constantly, having no real stomach seahoreses are almost always consuming plankton, even when they look like they’re not.

Perhaps one of the more interesting facts about seahorse is that while the female seahorse produces them, seahorse eggs are held inside the male’s body until they hatch; he is pregnant for about 40 to 50 days. This is the only instance in nature in which the father is the pregnant party.

We see a lot of seahorse around Lipe, mostly black and yellow Tigertail Seahorses, which grow to be about 15cm head to tail and are often found hanging around in patches of Staghorn Corals or on the sandy ocean floor. They are difficult to photograph as they are very camera shy, but if your lucky you might get a few great shots!

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