Miia – EFR and Rescue diver

Congratulations to Miia from Finland for completing her EFR and Rescue training. She is now well on her way to becoming  Divemaster. She will be finishing up that course this month here at Castaway Divers.

Congratulations on a Dive Master course completed!

Big congratulations to Ben Nicols for finishing 7 weeks of Dive Master training. Ben was a great addition to our team and a master of the spinning scrabble board! While our new Dive Master Trainee, Tom is doing his best to beat Ben’s high scrabble scores and infections laughs we still miss him dearly! We […]

Omar Osman – PADI Open Water

Congratulations to Omar for completing his Open Water Diver course with Castaway Divers… Now for some fun-dives!

Ben Nicols – EFR and Rescue Diver

Ben is now officially a Divemaster in training, having completed his EFR and Rescue courses he is on his way to being a PADI professional. He will be working with us over the next 7 weeks to finish his Divemaster course through our internship program!

Arthur Laloe – EFR and Rescue Diver

Congrats to Arthur for finishing his EFR and Rescue courses, we hope to see him back here in a few months to begin his Divemaster training!

Line – PADI Open Water – Advanced

Congrats to Line for her Open Water and Advanced Open Water certifications… now its back to Norway for the cold stuff!

Jolen – PADI Open Water

Congratulations to Jolen for completing his Open Water course…We hope that we will see him again in a few months for his Advanced and maybe even his Dive Master!

Kieran – Open Water Diver

Congrats Kieran for completing your Open Water Course! Have fun with your family in the Red Sea!

Samantha – Open Water Diver

Congratulations to Samantha on her Open Water Diver certification… good luck diving in the Red Sea!

Tindra – PADI Scuba Diver

Congratulations to Tindra Jangbaeck for completing her Scuba Diver course. She even got to see a seahorse on her second dive! Tindra was a great diver, we hope she does her Open Water upgrade soon!