Dealing with strong current

As Koh Lipe dive sites can have strong current, we would like to give a few tips on how to handle it…

Fins – Soft/flexible fins may be comfortable to use where there is little or no current; however in strong current they are not going to do the job! You need fins that can move a lot of water without bending.

Technique – Remember to stay as close as possible to the bottom but make sure you will not break any corals. Fining in current is a marathon not a sprint; pace yourself so that you can maintain the speed, and take advantage of the changes in current (currents will always vary as you swim through water) i.e. when the current reduces slightly take advantage and use it to relax your leg muscles a little.

Cover – use the underwater landscape to shelter yourself from the current, such as large rocks/coral heads, etc. This allows you to rest, and relaxes for a few minutes before continuing on; or you may use it to decide on your plan…abort the dive being one option!

Plan – last of all don`t forget to plan! If you don’t like strong current, don’t dive! Or plan a drift dive, so the boat will pick you up as you surface!

Current dives can be a great experience so if in doubt, just ask our staff for more tips…


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