Line – PADI Open Water – Advanced

Congrats to Line for her Open Water and Advanced Open Water certifications… now its back to Norway for the cold stuff!  Read More

Diana, PADI Advanced Open Water Diver

Diana completed her PADI Advanced Open Water certification on her 2nd trip to Lipe. After years of diving she finally made the plunge, congratulations Diana, enjoy your future diving!  Read More


Nick, from Australia, has completed his Advanced Open Water Course in February 2012.  Read More


Lina has completed her Advanced Open Water Course in January 2012.  Read More


Jefre has completed his Advanced Open Water Course in December 2011.  Read More

Dealing with strong current

As Koh Lipe dive sites can have strong current, we would like to give a few tips on how to handle it… Fins – Soft/flexible fins may be comfortable to use where there is little or no current; however in strong current they are not going to do the job! You need fins that can move a lot of water without bending. Technique – Remember to stay as close as possible to the bottom but make sure you will not break any corals. Fining in current is... Read More


Eduardo, from Italy, has completed his Advanced Open Water Diver Course on the 23rd of November 2011.  Read More

Marie & Mathias

Marie and Mathias, from Austria, have completed their Advanced Open Water Course on the 22nd of October.  Read More

Joe Ewell

Joe, from the USA, has completed his Advanced Open Water Course on the 17th October 2011.  Read More

Dive master internship experience

We asked Fernando, our new Dive mater Trainee, how does it feel to be doing his internship with us. That’s what he said: “You are already a diver, you are already captivated by it and, of course, you want more: you want to become a dive master. The best way to do that is working at a dive shop as a dive master intern and trainee. A dive master internship will give you the unique opportunity not only of continuing your diving education but of learning... Read More