Night dive of the week

Going on a night dive might just end up being one of the best experiences of your life.

The sunset at sea looking back at Koh Lipe from our long-tail boat is a wonderful event, but that’s just for starters. Getting ready on the boat as night falls, looking overboard checking the visibility, checking all the equipment, flashlights on and…backroll entry!

Stonehenge, one of Lipe’s finest dive sites, at night:  descend slowly using the rope and  just dive! Fish come really close at night if you don’t shine your flashlight directly into their eyes, remember that and you’ll have a remarkable experience. Great Barracudas coming within one meter and a half of you, seahorses at night are the same that during the day…but different, get as close as you like! You may be surrounded by schools of fish dancing at the beat your flashlight plays. Moreover, if you liked the corals during the daytime you will absolutely love them at night. And to top it all off, turn off your flashlights while holding the rope doing the 3 minute safety stop and enjoy Lipe’s bioluminescence at its best!

If you happen to be as lucky as we were on this night dive you will witness an astonishing electrical storm being able to see the lightning from underwater and on the surface.

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