Sea horse multiplication

High Season did arrive, with full power, so did the marine life. Most of the dive sites we are coming across ornate/robust ghost pipe fish, all sort of nudis and and as many sea horse as you can wish. First dive yesterday, as wind had dropped down on the eastern side, we decided to go to Koh Talu, one of our favourite dive sites. We encountered many types of morays, nudis, massive scorpion fish, coral cat sharks and a pregnant sea horse.  We had... Read More

The half moon bonanza continues

Conditions have improved considerably following the half moon, right now we are sitting on an average visibility of 15 metres.  The absence of any wind allowed us to do one of are favourite diving routines, 1st dive in Ko Talu and 2nd one in Stonehenge. Ko Talu was a treat from the start, current was pushing mildly from north to south bringing to the reef a huge school of bigeye fusiliers, at 12 m depth we spotted  a Tigertail sea horse feeding... Read More

Night dive of the week

Going on a night dive might just end up being one of the best experiences of your life. The sunset at sea looking back at Koh Lipe from our long-tail boat is a wonderful event, but that’s just for starters. Getting ready on the boat as night falls, looking overboard checking the visibility, checking all the equipment, flashlights on and…backroll entry! Stonehenge, one of Lipe’s finest dive sites, at night:  descend slowly using the rope and ... Read More

Low season diving

Although many people think that low season is rainy, windy and Tarutao is closed, it’s just a big misunderstanding. First of all, Tarurao Island may be closed but the marine park itself is open and it offers great diving and sunny days. Yesterday we went for a dive trip and it was a great experience for all. Visibility around 15-20 metres with such a diversity of marine life that all dive staff and guests were stoked. A couple of sea horses hanging... Read More

Message in a bottle part two

Seems like our friends in Koh Lipe are having an awesome time. After receiving and e-mail from Aitor, our lucky dive instructor, I decided to share his experience with everybody. That’s what he said: ‘…. first dive Stonehenge, tiger tail wrapped on white soft coral on the south of the pinnacle,  a minute later hawksbill turtle munching on the bubble coral, conditions were perfect, 20 meters viz of blue water. Second dive in Jabang,... Read More

Message in a bottle

As I am the person responsible for keeping our blogs updated and as I am more than 14000 km away, I have asked one of our dive instructors, Aitor, how the dives have been and if he could send me some info about their daily trips so I could post on our website. Here is his answer: “We saw a leopard shark sitting on the sand from the dive boat on our way to Stonehenge. We decided to go down and we spent 20 minutes taking pictures of the beautiful... Read More

The Open water Course experience by Rachel Szewczuk

I was so excited to start my Open Water Course with Castaway divers. At first I was slightly nervous, but when I got underwater and began to see the beauty and serenity of corals and marine life I felt in Love!  I am completely addicted to diving now. What a touching experience being on the other side and seeing how different the underwater world is.  Fish working together, corals protecting marine life, and others eating away at the coral, but... Read More

Chris & Amanda – Advanced Open Water Course

“Diving through the advanced course dives with Castaway was a memorable experience with a great sense of reward.  I look forward to my next visit on Koh Lipe to expand my experience and knowledge of the underwater world even further! Stonehenge was definitely a highlight!” Chris & Amanda – May 25th 2011  Read More

Another great dive at Stonehenge…

The divers looked pretty excited while getting ready to start the dive at Stonehenge, one of our favorite dive site, just 15 minutes away from our dive centre. Descending at a reef covered with soft corals and a huge variety of marine life is without a doubt what any diver dream of, and that’s exactly what this dive site has to offer. Coming across nudibranchs, ornate ghost pipe fish, juvenile yellow box fish and much more, the excitement was topped... Read More

Snorkelling with Minke Whales!

Finally, after a few weeks of less than average visibility, in the Adang archipelago, things have changed! On Monday we had spectacular visibility, the conditions at Stonehenge were superb, and we saw all our favourites. 2 Tiger Tail Sea Horses intertwined, Albino Moray Eels and schools of Barracudas galore to name a few. Ah! Almost forgot, we were also lucky enough to chance an encounter with a pair of Minke Whales.  We were able to snorkel with... Read More