Why Beachcombing is Bad

Beachcombing; its something of a pastime to many, a relaxing walk along the beach with a basket collecting shells and bits of broken coral seems harmless enough, but is it actually bad for the environment?

The answer is yes!

Shells and broken bits of corals serve a purpose, what do you think those beautiful sandy beaches your walking along are made of? Shells and coral debris break down over time forming the sandy beaches that we as tourists so love to lay on.

But even before they break down and become  beaches shells serve a vital purpose… Even the most haggard looking shell might be somebodies home, and while it may be uninhabited now, you never know who might move in! Tiny sea creatures, like crabs, often move house, swapping used shells for newer ones and leaving the old ones for someone else. Shell collection is becoming a major problem around the world, innocent as it may seem, too many people are taking too many things from the sea.

It is important that while on vacation you refrain from collecting anything natural from the beach and also avoid buying souvenirs made from these materials. A great alternative to combing the beach for shells is combing it for trash. Next time you head out for a sunset stroll along the shore, bring along a small bag and collect any plastics or unnatural objects that wash up in the surf.


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