Why Beachcombing is Bad

Beachcombing; its something of a pastime to many, a relaxing walk along the beach with a basket collecting shells and bits of broken coral seems harmless enough, but is it actually bad for the environment? The answer is yes! Shells and broken bits of corals serve a purpose, what do you think those beautiful sandy beaches your walking along are made of? Shells and coral debris break down over time forming the sandy beaches that we as tourists so love... Read More

Beach Cleaning!

Today Loic, Castaway’s resident freedive instructor, organized this month’s beach cleaning. 38 Castaway staff and friends went to Adang island and cleared a great strip of white sandy beach…. we collected 35+ bags of plastic bottles, styrofoam debris, lost flip-flops, tangled fishing line, tin containers, beer cans and much much more! Its important to keep our beaches clean and our oceans garbage free!  Read More

Crafty Recycling

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Working on conserving our coral reefs

Many people believe divers may have a massive impact on breaking the coral reefs and they are not totally wrong. Lack of Buoyancy control may result in crashing in the reefs, as this being one out of many reasons we, as divers, could damage the reefs. We should always make sure this does not happen and as a Dive Operator; educate our guests on how important our reefs are. We, at Castaway Divers, always encourage the divers taking the Advanced Open... Read More

Diving and cleaning

Today we decided to take some plastic bags with us so we could clean up the beach we normally relax at while we have our surface interval as we don’t want to wait until the International Clean-up day to help keeping our environment healthy. After our beach cleanup we headed to Jabang and as always, it was a superb dive. On top of the amazing soft corals, scorpion fish and juvenile yellow box fish we also came across the magnificent nudibranch Chromodoris... Read More