Zebra Sharks

Zebra sharks are a common sight among divers in the south of  Thailand, though many famously and mistakenly know them as Leopard Sharks. Zebra sharks are a type of carpet shark, partial to lazing in sandy patches along the reef. They can grow up to 2.5 meters (8-9 feet) but despite their ominous size they are harmless to humans. Their nocturnal nature makes them easy for divers to observe as they are rarely active during daylight hours and are generally un-fazed by the flashing of cameras and the fanning on fins as they sleep on the ocean floor. Zebra sharks are found all over the Indo-pacific area and are generally solitary creatures, though for reasons still unclear to scientists they do congregate in groups of 10-20 one time each year. While these sharks are docile in nature they are considered to be in a state of vulnerability, not yet endangered their numbers are dwindling rapidly, like so many shark species around the world, due to overfishing and shark finning. As divers we must all do our part to protect these magnificent creatures! We have several resident Zebra sharks around Lipe, if your lucky you might spot one!

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