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Tamas Serforzo diving with Castaway Divers on Koh Lipe

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Castaway Divers are big bloggers. Come and read about our latest trips and sightings.


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Diving Courses

Diving Courses Koh Lipe, Thailand


For years now we have been proud users of Aqualung equipment. As well as using it ourselves we have stocked it in our small equipment shop. Our relationship with aqualung has grown and we are now an Aqualung partner.


Introduction to snorkelling

Koh Lipe Castaway Divers

Koh Lipe is one of Thailand’s great scuba diving destinations. In the Andaman sea on the edge of one of Thailand’s oldest marine park, Koh Lipe is close to several major islands surrounded by dive sites. Koh Lipe’s dive sites include dozens of coral reefs, but you can also dive on deep sea pinnacles and […]

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Fun Dives

We like scuba diving a lot, and fun diving is the reason we learnt to scuba dive in the first place. We like to dive in the mornings, the afternoons and the evenings. If we could we’d even dive in our sleep! So we take the boat out 2 or 3 times a day doing […]

Peacock Mantis Shrimp

The Mantis Shrimp, neither shrimp nor mantis, receive their name purely from the physical resemblance to both the terrestrial praying mantis and the shrimp. They may reach 30 centimeters (12 in) in length, although exceptional cases of up to 38 cm (15 in) have been recorded. Mantis shrimp appear in a variety of colors, from shades of browns […]

What is a Nudibranch?

Nudibranchs are Gastropods in the Phylum Mollusca Or, said another way, nudibranchs are mollusks in the Class Gastropoda, which includes snails, slugs, limpets and sea hairs. Many gastropods have a shell. Nudibranchs have a shell in their larval stage, but it disappears in the adult form. Gastropods also have a foot (more on that below) […]

Miia – EFR and Rescue diver

Congratulations to Miia from Finland for completing her EFR and Rescue training. She is now well on her way to becoming  Divemaster. She will be finishing up that course this month here at Castaway Divers.

Castaway Divers do Castaway Yoga

Castaway Resort is offering the perfect healthy, active getaway. Come diving during the day and then stretch your way into the sunset with Fernando, our part-time Divemaster, full-time Yoga instructor and all around fun guy! Fernando teaches Yoga every morning and evening, a perfect way to prepare for a full day and wind down after […]