Samantha – Open Water Diver

Congratulations to Samantha on her Open Water Diver certification… good luck diving in the Red Sea!  Read More

Crafty Recycling

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Russ, PADI Open Water Diver

Congrats to Russ on his Open Water Diver certification!  Russ spent the winter working  in Lipe and after many days of diving has finally completed his Open Water cert.  Read More

Helping to prevent ear infection

The diving has been great all week. Now, while sitting in your room, you notice that one of your ears itches and feels wet. You look in the mirror and don’t see any problem, so you go to bed. Next morning when you wake up, you feel a fullness in your ear and a twinge of pain. What a time for an earache! You wonder if you should cancel the day’s diving. Your problem is probably otitis externa, a fancy name for an external ear infection... Read More

Drink water, it is good for you

Sometimes you wonder why your dive guide keep on insisting that you drink a lot of water…Well, here is the reason: Dehydration is thought to contribute to Decompression Sickness risk, so it’s very important to hydrate yourself.  The loss of fluid happens not only before diving but also during the immersion. Breathing dry air from your scuba tank will cause your lungs to moist the air by using fluids from your body and the urge to pee while... Read More