The Open water Course experience by Rachel Szewczuk

I was so excited to start my Open Water Course with Castaway divers. At first I was slightly nervous, but when I got underwater and began to see the beauty and serenity of corals and marine life I felt in Love!  I am completely addicted to diving now. What a touching experience being on the other side and seeing how different the underwater world is.  Fish working together, corals protecting marine life, and others eating away at the coral, but all serving some type of purpose.  The highlight dive was Stonehendge of course,  first of all not even being 5 meters into the water and the coral scenery was absolutely breathtaking like nothing I have ever seen before. Purples, blues, pinks and there is an assortment of  every colour imaginable.  Then getting to the actual dive we saw so many different types of moray eels, lion fish, scorpion fish, cuttle fish, school of barracudas, sea horses, nudi branches galore, and the biggest highlight was the bright yellow trumpet fish, doesn’t get more exciting than this! This spot has the most beautiful coral and diverse marine life around Koh Lipe and was the highlight of my trip for sure.

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