Working on conserving our coral reefs

Many people believe divers may have a massive impact on breaking the coral reefs and they are not totally wrong. Lack of Buoyancy control may result in crashing in the reefs, as this being one out of many reasons we, as divers, could damage the reefs. We should always make sure this does not happen and as a Dive Operator; educate our guests on how important our reefs are. We, at Castaway Divers, always encourage the divers taking the Advanced Open... Read More

Far islands here we go

Today we decide to send all our boats to the far island. It is a bit of travelling but definitely worth it. Our guides have planned to visit Sail Rock for the first dive, have a break at the monkey beach hoping to encounter some of the native monkeys we have in the Park and have the second dive at Koh Sawang. Both of the dive sites are just incredible, covered with soft corals with different colours and as diverse as it gets in the whole Tarutao Marine... Read More

The great feeling of freediving

We, at Castaway divers, don’t limit ourselves to scuba diving only. Our freediving instructor Loic, from France, has told us two beautiful stories of freediving in Castaway that had happened recently. That’s what he said: “The first story is with Sissi from china.  She’d never swum before.  However, after a course which made her understand her body and the sea, Sissi passed the 2 minute static and went down to 12 metres of free immersion;... Read More

Message in a bottle

As I am the person responsible for keeping our blogs updated and as I am more than 14000 km away, I have asked one of our dive instructors, Aitor, how the dives have been and if he could send me some info about their daily trips so I could post on our website. Here is his answer: “We saw a leopard shark sitting on the sand from the dive boat on our way to Stonehenge. We decided to go down and we spent 20 minutes taking pictures of the beautiful... Read More

The Open water Course experience by Rachel Szewczuk

I was so excited to start my Open Water Course with Castaway divers. At first I was slightly nervous, but when I got underwater and began to see the beauty and serenity of corals and marine life I felt in Love!  I am completely addicted to diving now. What a touching experience being on the other side and seeing how different the underwater world is.  Fish working together, corals protecting marine life, and others eating away at the coral, but... Read More

Feels just like flying

As we were just ready to go out for the dive, the sky turned dark and there came the rain. Our divers from Sweden, though as they can be when it comes to this kind of weather, agreed to go out anyway and that was a great choice. We were about to arrive at Pattaya corner just to realize that the visibility was amazing. Even though there was no sun, 30 metres visibility makes Pattaya corner a great spot as the massive rocks covered with soft corals,... Read More

Diving and cleaning

Today we decided to take some plastic bags with us so we could clean up the beach we normally relax at while we have our surface interval as we don’t want to wait until the International Clean-up day to help keeping our environment healthy. After our beach cleanup we headed to Jabang and as always, it was a superb dive. On top of the amazing soft corals, scorpion fish and juvenile yellow box fish we also came across the magnificent nudibranch Chromodoris... Read More