Our Resident Frogfish

Our resident frogfish has changed colors… Up until now this nifty little guy has been a purplish-white but just yesterday we discovered that he has turned yellow… one of the many color changes he will go though in his life… Frogfish are interesting and strange little creatures. Without any teeth, they have powerful suction to engulf their meal whole to be processed by their digestive system. Their diet consists of crustaceans and... Read More


Following the half moon this month, and the gentle currents that come with the neap tides, we’ve been enjoying some great diving on Stonehenge, one our favourite dive sites. The diving there has been so good we even dived there 3 times in one day! We’ve been finding Tigertail seahorses, Stonefish, various colourful nudibranchs, schools of chevron barracudas and, as always, the beautiful soft corals covering the granite pinnacles.  Read More

Macro Life

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Keeping our Divesites clean!!

Last week whilst diving on Koh Sawang, one of our favourite sites, we found to our dismay, a new fishing net snagged across the pinnacles. Yesterday we went back there and were able to remove the net entirely. It took 2 of our  instructors 2 dives to carefully cut, and de-snag the net which was over 60 meters long and stretched from 22meters deep to around 12 meters. Luckily, as the net had not been there too long so it was fairly easy to remove... Read More