Far islands here we go

Today we decide to send all our boats to the far island. It is a bit of travelling but definitely worth it. Our guides have planned to visit Sail Rock for the first dive, have a break at the monkey beach hoping to encounter some of the native monkeys we have in the Park and have the second dive at Koh Sawang. Both of the dive sites are just incredible, covered with soft corals with different colours and as diverse as it gets in the whole Tarutao Marine... Read More

Keeping our Divesites clean!!

Last week whilst diving on Koh Sawang, one of our favourite sites, we found to our dismay, a new fishing net snagged across the pinnacles. Yesterday we went back there and were able to remove the net entirely. It took 2 of ourĀ  instructors 2 dives to carefully cut, and de-snag the net which was over 60 meters long and stretched from 22meters deep to around 12 meters. Luckily, as the net had not been there too long so it was fairly easy to remove... Read More