Minke whales are back

Another usual day for us, lovely weather, nice visibility and all the marine life Koh Lipe has to offer such as sea horses, bamboo shark, juvenile oriental sweet lip just to name a few… Just after the first dive, there a little plus… Our captain, as sharp as his eyes are, spotted 2 Minke Whales from very far… Divers could not believe it…. After taking pictures and admiring the beauty of these animals they decide to go back to pick other divers….... Read More

Snorkelling with Minke Whales!

Finally, after a few weeks of less than average visibility, in the Adang archipelago, things have changed! On Monday we had spectacular visibility, the conditions at Stonehenge were superb, and we saw all our favourites. 2 Tiger Tail Sea Horses intertwined, Albino Moray Eels and schools of Barracudas galore to name a few. Ah! Almost forgot, we were also lucky enough to chance an encounter with a pair of Minke Whales.  We were able to snorkel with... Read More