Snorkelling with a Manta Ray!

Yesterday we were lucky enough to have one of those moments that will stay with us forever! Upon surfacing from a dive at stonehenge, Nu, our captain, told us he’d seen a Manta ray around the dive site while we were diving. Of course we were excited, but Nu thought it had left already. As we were removing our equipment we spotted something large just below the surface moving towards the boat. At first we couldn’t believe it but this soon... Read More

Night Dive on Stonehenge

After such great diving on Stonehenge by day we decided to visit again for a night dive. As we hoped it was a great dive, we found a huge variety of marine life active at night; decorator crabs scurrying around, encrusted in coral and algae, anemone crabs carrying whole anemones on their shells!  Tiny tiny shrimps, so easy to find – their eyes reflecting in the lights, sea cucumbers in all shapes and sizes. Many of the diurnal fish we found... Read More


Following the half moon this month, and the gentle currents that come with the neap tides, we’ve been enjoying some great diving on Stonehenge, one our favourite dive sites. The diving there has been so good we even dived there 3 times in one day! We’ve been finding Tigertail seahorses, Stonefish, various colourful nudibranchs, schools of chevron barracudas and, as always, the beautiful soft corals covering the granite pinnacles.  Read More