Miia – EFR and Rescue diver

Congratulations to Miia from Finland for completing her EFR and Rescue training. She is now well on her way to becoming  Divemaster. She will be finishing up that course this month here at Castaway Divers.  Read More

Ben Nicols – EFR and Rescue Diver

Ben is now officially a Divemaster in training, having completed his EFR and Rescue courses he is on his way to being a PADI professional. He will be working with us over the next 7 weeks to finish his Divemaster course through our internship program!  Read More

Arthur Laloe – EFR and Rescue Diver

Congrats to Arthur for finishing his EFR and Rescue courses, we hope to see him back here in a few months to begin his Divemaster training!  Read More

Dive master internship experience

We asked Fernando, our new Dive mater Trainee, how does it feel to be doing his internship with us. That’s what he said: “You are already a diver, you are already captivated by it and, of course, you want more: you want to become a dive master. The best way to do that is working at a dive shop as a dive master intern and trainee. A dive master internship will give you the unique opportunity not only of continuing your diving education but of learning... Read More

Simone Piller – EFR + PADI Rescue Diver Course

 Read More

Boris Bauer – EFR + PADI Rescue Diver Course

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Emergency First Response Course

First aid and CPR are good skills to have for anyone engaged in adventure sports. Learn these life saving skills that apply to more than just diving. Read More  Read More