Buoyancy and SCUBA Diving

Buoyancy  As a diver one of the most important things that you can master is your buoyancy. Having good buoyancy makes your dive more enjoyable, reduces your air consumption and makes you less likely to damage your surroundings. Good buoyancy is something that is achieved through time and experience but also by practicing certain simple skills and by understanding what affects your ability to control your position in the water. As you know your goal... Read More

Working on conserving our coral reefs

Many people believe divers may have a massive impact on breaking the coral reefs and they are not totally wrong. Lack of Buoyancy control may result in crashing in the reefs, as this being one out of many reasons we, as divers, could damage the reefs. We should always make sure this does not happen and as a Dive Operator; educate our guests on how important our reefs are. We, at Castaway Divers, always encourage the divers taking the Advanced Open... Read More

Underwater photography tips

We all enjoy keeping memories of our travel experiences, especially underwater, so making sure we can get a nice underwater picture during a dive is an amazing way to show our friends and family what we have experienced. Here are 5 tips on how to improve our UW photography skills: 1 – Master your buoyancy control, understand how to keep neutrally buoyant while choosing the right amount of weight and the right BCD. 2 – Understand the marine life... Read More