Sea horse multiplication

High Season did arrive, with full power, so did the marine life. Most of the dive sites we are coming across ornate/robust ghost pipe fish, all sort of nudis and and as many sea horse as you can wish. First dive yesterday, as wind had dropped down on the eastern side, we decided to go to Koh Talu, one of our favourite dive sites. We encountered many types of morays, nudis, massive scorpion fish, coral cat sharks and a pregnant sea horse.  We had... Read More

The half moon bonanza continues

Conditions have improved considerably following the half moon, right now we are sitting on an average visibility of 15 metres.  The absence of any wind allowed us to do one of are favourite diving routines, 1st dive in Ko Talu and 2nd one in Stonehenge. Ko Talu was a treat from the start, current was pushing mildly from north to south bringing to the reef a huge school of bigeye fusiliers, at 12 m depth we spotted  a Tigertail sea horse feeding... Read More

Low season diving

Although many people think that low season is rainy, windy and Tarutao is closed, it’s just a big misunderstanding. First of all, Tarurao Island may be closed but the marine park itself is open and it offers great diving and sunny days. Yesterday we went for a dive trip and it was a great experience for all. Visibility around 15-20 metres with such a diversity of marine life that all dive staff and guests were stoked. A couple of sea horses hanging... Read More